Whining (no not that kind)
So I didn't wanna bring attention to this, but I find it incredibly annoying so here it goes.

Whenever I launch an RC-based mod, my graphics card starts making this electric whine sound unlike anything else I've ever heard. In my time playing aottg, I've switched the motherboard, several GPU's and the processor, but the whine persisted.

No other program or game, no matter how demanding it is on the GPU, makes it make that sound. But just launching RCfinal and clicking Play! is enough for it to make that noise.

It's a bummer because I really like RC, it's basically vanilla aottg but vastly improved, as well as other mods that I've tried don't support custom maps.
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It appears that I have found the culprit of the whining. My GPU was trying to push out as many frames per second as it could possibly generate, meanwhile my monitor only supports a low refresh rate, so there was significant strain on the graphics but none of it was visible in-game.

As you may know, Vsync makes it so that the frame rate of the monitor equals that of the GPU fps, meaning that if it's on, the whining goes away completely and my machine is once again as silent as it always is.

Closing thread.
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