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Warnings and Reports

by Katsu - 14 Mar 2019, 05:33 PM in News & Announcements
Eeeh? Nani?
Eeeh? Nani?
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Posted: 14 Mar 2019, 05:33 PM
Thank you, Graneepi, for giving me a reason to do this.

Here you can find info on how close you are to being banned for breaking our rules. If something is unclear, post below.

Whenever you get a warning, your warning level increases (100% is Level 10). If you receive a warning with 2 points, you'll receive 20% warning level (2 Levels). If you receive a warning with 3 points, you'll receive 30% warning level and so on.

If you hit 30% (Level 3) you will be temporarily banned for 2 days. If you dedicate yourself to Level 10, you will be rewarded with a permaban.

You can be warned for the following reasons:
  • Flaming - Low (+1 Level)
  • Flaming - High (+2 Levels)
  • Harassment, Abuse - Low (+1 Level)
  • Harassment, Abuse - High (+2 Levels)
  • Spam - Low (+1 Level)
  • Spam - High (+2 Levels)
  • Wrong Section (+1 Level)
  • Report Abuse (+1 Level)
  • Unapproved Advertising (+2 Levels)
Thank you all for reading and for reporting garbage posts that break the rules.
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