Skyrim Together
After 4+ years in development, Skyrim’s multiplayer mod has gone into closed beta for Special Edition (because Oldrim is broken at the time of this post.) For a $1 backing to their Patreon you’ll be able to access this closed beta to help with them Edith testing and basically just enjoy(?) having your game break constantly. If you’re like me, that’s what what skyrim is all about. But now, with friends.

I have been playing Skyrim since 2015 because I honestly never hated the game at first. Long story there; but since then it’s constantly been a time killer for me. Not as much and New Vegas, but close. Now I have the enjoyment of hosting a server and inviting up to 63 others to join in on the fun. (Like that’s ever gonna happen)

• Multiple players in Skyrim
• Thum Vollyball
• Modding with buds

• Broken as can be
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I have never played Skyrim and was under the impression that Skyrim is already a multiplayer game. Like... an MMO or some shit Thonk

Wait so what you're saying is that this 10 year old game doesn't have muli, so the community broke copyright to make multi because devs didn't bother?
You learn something new everyday.
"Aww I have to go. See you tomorrow!"

They do have ESO which is just a mess of a game in comparison. Better than fallout 76, but still. And actually Bethesda is totally okay with it, or was when they heard about it, and allowed them to continue as long as they hosted their own servers and not use steam’s servers. The closed beta just came out a few days ago at this point in time and has been, and still is, under development since forever ago. I wanna say 2013 but I can’t be sure. But you can find many videos of people playing with the mod, but it’s so busted at the moment as you can’t trade and syncing issues are constantly a problem, but it’s expected. But hey, giant immersive RPG game with friends. A community project that looks mighty fine on a portfolio.
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