Original looking Usernames
So. You missed out when you could make an account and want that name color of yours to look as real as possible. Worry not, here you can find out how to do it. There's multiple mods that allow you to do it, but a lot of them are abusive and complicated so I won't cover them. The one that is very user friendly however, is this one:

ACmod / Anti-Cheat Mod

With Anti-Cheat Mod, you can easily get the original browser look and feel of the game, aswell as some neat features that RCmod doesn't have (i know right Smile)) like more effective banning and costumizable server announcements :Smile

How to get it?
  1. Visit aotanticheat or download it directly by clicking here
  2. It will open in WinRAR and just extract all files to the Desktop
  3. Now start the .exe file to see if it works. You should now have the original color, but will still be GUEST + some numbers
  4. Exit the game and you will see some .txt files on your desktop that wasn't here before. They will be named user.cfg, banlist.txt and whitelist.txt
  5. Finally, open user.cfg and in the 3rd line under "name=" just write your forum username, for example "name=katsu"
    • You can also fill in the "guildname=" the same as you did with the above name.
  6. Always remember to click save before you click "X"!
  7. Now just start the game (the .exe file) again and viola, you have your very own originally simulated username!
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