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Dungeons & Dragons

by Abiicias - 27 Jun 2019, 10:38 PM in The Lounge
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Founder of Ascension
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Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 10:38 PM
Dungeons and Dragons is something that I’ve been wanting to play properly for a very long time now; and very recently I’ve managed to do so with my sister and her friends. We have had two sessions so far amen honestly it has been quite the trip.

On our first campaign we decided to do an already created one from the official books as we never played outside maybe an hour on Roll20 which is just enough to Arby’s last understand how your stats are determined. We decidedly to go with the Curse of Strahd which was very highly rated. However when we actually played, it was awful. My sister, who was DM’ing at the time, mentioned that the book isn’t very straightforward and may require a lot of preplanning which made it a bust for us. It wasn’t until our second campaign, one made up from the group, that things got a lot better.

Long story short, it was pretty fun spending 3 hours and making almost 0 progress because you’re a huge Dragonborn Barbarian that spits poison that escaped from a carnival and went on a spree of vengeance. I still need to finish that 20 page BIO though. 

I will be DM’ing the next campaign once we finish the friend’s current one. Because of that, I’ve been writing so much as of late. I found a download for all the core books and campaign stuff and I will be aiming to make an extremely intricate design for mine. It’s just difficult at times because two of our party members are races outside the official 5e Handbook which makes things a bit harder to research for balancing, but at least I’ll finally be able to implement the mimic city I've been dying to try. That and I have props for my party.

We are all currently level 1, and I think that I’m the only one playing my character by role playing while everyone’s else is just trying to min/max their stats and abilities. We are currently running:

• Dragonborn Barbarian - Me
• Minotaur Ranger (Melee w/ Daggers)
• Orc Paladin
• Eladrin Ranger (Ranged with Bow)

So you can kinda see some issues with the party, but seeing that I’m basically the Tank and DPS, especially early game, I’ve been having fun. It’s  just slightly annoying how our Eladrin tries to play by being linear is somewhat annoying as she’s practically the campaign’s protagonist. However more stuff is coming where I will enjoy being a nearly 7 foot tall raging Dragon man.
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