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Minecraft Earth - Abiicias - 17 May 2019

Very recently, Microsoft announced Minecraft World. In a nutshell, it’s described to be very similar to Pokemon Go in where you can build and such as you walk through the streets and not die. You can find more information here. It seems interesting, but I’m still trying to picture in my head how this is going to come around and whether or not it’ll be big, but hopefully it turns out for the best because if it does, it’ll be pretty big. Thoughts?

RE: Minecraft Earth - mzlaoq - 17 May 2019

Well, pokemon go was super popular when it came out butthat changed rather quickly. I dunno if i'd be interested in it at all. Since AR isn't that innovative anymore I'm afraid it might flop tbh.
If people could mod it however... it would be epic.

RE: Minecraft Earth - Kaida - 19 May 2019

Okay but what happens if you die whilst playing Minecraft go

RE: Minecraft Earth - Katsu - 19 May 2019

(19 May 2019, 02:31 PM)Kaida Wrote: Okay but what happens if you die whilst playing Minecraft go

The same thing that happens if you die playing Pokemon go. Hyperthink

RE: Minecraft Earth - mzlaoq - 19 May 2019

Wait im confused

Do you mean dying in-game or in real life?
If you die in the game you lose, if it's irl you win